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    Thomas Pope - 3D Artist | Web Developer

    Tfocal was started in 2002 by Thomas Pope in South Beach Miami, Florida. Thomas has been a 3d Designer and Website Developer professionally for over 10 years and creating visually compelling graphic designs his entire life. After graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts, he used his knowledge with written and visual communications to evolve into the digital world. He is an expert in SEO, online marketing, and key word placement. With his background in Photography, he often uses his own stock images in the layout process. In addition to web development, he has years of experience in 3D Design/Film/Audio/and Video production. Tom has a knack for making the design process flawless, quick, and FUN!

    Our Services:
    » 3d Modeling, Rendering and Animation
    » 3d Architectural Design
    » Interactive 3d Virtual Art Galleries
    » 3d Product Visualization
    » Photorealistic Lighting and Rendering
    » Walkthroughs, 360 panoramas
    » 3D Web Design
    » Graphic Design
    » High Quality Stock Photos and Textures

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